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By Good Health Pediatrics
July 09, 2018
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Statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that about 20 percent of American school-aged children are child obesityclassified as obese, making it a public health concern. Obesity is defined as having 20 percent more than the ideal body weight for your height, age, and gender. Fat deposits build up around the organs of the body and beneath the skin. It can cause avoidable diseases in children like pre-diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. The team at Good Health Pediatrics in Friendswood, TX offer treatments for child obesity and guidance for how to keep your child healthy.

What Makes Children Obese?
Weight gain happens gradually, which is why parents are sometimes confused about why their children are carrying so much excess weight and considered obese. There are a number of possible causes:

- Eating processed, sugar-filled, and fatty foods daily.
- A diet that does not include a healthy portion of vegetables and plant-based foods.
- A sedentary lifestyle, which is more common for kids now because of new distracting technologies (video games and cell phones).
- Lack of participation in school sports.
- Medications that may contribute to weight gain.

Treating for Child Obesity
At Good Health Pediatrics in Friendswood, TX your child’s doctor will help you implement a new plan to help your child lose weight and keep the weight off, long-term. You’ll come in for a nutritional consultation, and receive detailed advice about how to make helpful lifestyle adjustments. Sometimes, seeing a doctor in person to discuss these issues is all that’s needed to motivate you to make important changes. If there are other factors contributing to the child’s weight problem, they will also be addressed.

Tips to Prevent Obesity in Children
After your child loses weight, the major challenge is helping him or her to commit to better habits going forward. Ideas for preventing future weight gain include:

- Changing your own dietary habits so that you can have be a positive influence for your child.
- Removing all junk foods from the household to reduce temptation and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat.
- Bringing the child in for regular wellness checkups with your Friendswood, TX pediatrician to be weighed and to provide positive reinforcement when there’s progress.
- Limiting exposure to messages that inspire children to eat unhealthy foods (like cereal and fast food commercials).

Obesity and Your Child’s Health
Child obesity is one of the causes behind a wide range of illnesses in  children,  and can become a lifelong problem if it isn’t treated before adulthood, so be proactive. Call Good Health Pediatrics in Friendswood, TX today at (281) 534-9355 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Linda Neely-Shelmire.