Integrative Wellness

Our Integrative Wellness Program

We designed our Wellness Programs for families that are motivated to proactively improve their health in a sustainable way.  Our clients are ready and committed to making lifestyle changes that will help them ultimately reach their long-term health goals.

We have a membership-based plan that allows us to seek to uncover the underlying causes and triggers of illness .  We offer a personalized treatment plan, based on nutritional and biochemical imbalances.  Our goal is vibrant health, not just the absence of disease. Nutrition, lifestyle modification (quality sleep, relaxation, exercise, proper hydration), PEMF* for cell energy and metabolism and supplementation may all be part of the recommended treatment plan.

Examples of commonly treated conditions:

Athletes Nutrition and Fitness Enhancement Programs   ADD/ADHD •  Adrenal & Hormonal Disorders • Allergies • Arthritis •  Asthma  Autoimmune Disease • Chronic Disease • Chronic Pain • Detoxification Impairments • Eating Disorders • Eczema • Gluten Sensitivity • Insomnia • Irritable Bowel• Lethargy •  Migraines & Recurrent Headaches • Obesity •  Recurrent Ear Infections • Stress-related Conditions • Thyroid Disorders • Toxic Exposure 

By partnering with our Integrative Wellness Program, you will learn and strengthen your  knowledge about wellness and develop the ability to make sustainable changes. We will teach you how to become an expert in your own health, inspiring you to continue down a healthier path long after finishing the program. 

If you are ready to get serious about your health, and commit to learning how to make lasting changes to create and maintain your healthiest self, you should attend Dr. Neely’s next   presentation or request a consultation. Call us at (281) 953-6926 to request a consultation.

*PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies via BEMER sessions